Apologies made by Tom for being so elusive for the past couple of months.

Discussed Tom’s work establishing the scientific consensus on climate change; Pat wondered whether it is methodologically sound. Tom to meet Don Hill for advice on the subject, but claimed that as it is a snapshot of the science rather than an exhaustive literature review he felt that it was sufficiently rigorous methodologically.

It was felt that the science section was a little dry. Suggestion was made that after the media section had been completed it could be used to provide some context for the science stuff, explaining why this is such an important topic. The concern that “sexing it up” would detract from its scientific rigour was noted.

Discussed whether the May 24th deadline for MPhil 20,000 words was plausible. Tom felt it was, and it was agreed that the next section, on the media representation of the science, would be prepared for May 1st

AHRC form was discussed; Tom to come in the following day (now done) to sign it. It should by now be on its way.

Next meeting 1st May.


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