Random thought

February 7, 2007

I may have a way of demarcating the area of my research and stopping it from sprawling all over the fookin’ place.

 First – it seems simple enough to establish, to an extent, the balance of scientific opinion on each of my three topics (MMR, climate change, ID); ordinary library research should do for most of it. Indeed for climate change I’ve already done most of the work for my MA dissertation. Cannibalise and self-plagiarise away, plus get latest IPCC stuff to keep it up-to-date; then try to use format for the other two.

Second, on establishing how newspapers approach using this stuff; look at a few articles from reputable sources on either side of the debate (if they’re easy to find), and see how many column-inches or stories they generate. Will “no link between MMR and autism” studies get as much publicity as “possible link suggested”?

Hardly groundbreaking stuff, but at least it gives me a definite focus for a few weeks/months.