It all starts here: a disclaimer

October 4, 2006

Right. This is the Inaugural Entry of Tom’s PhD diary – which will probably be not so much a diary as a series of unconnected ramblings, interesting references, links and bookmarks, occasional notes-to-self and aides memoire (memoires? Whatever) and wild digressions on what happens to be on my mind at the time. So it’ll probably be of very little interest to anyone but myself – indeed, it will certainly be of no interest for the next few months until I work out the vague shape of what I’m going to be doing. I just thought I’d warn anyone who’s stumbled across this by accident. If you actually want to read something I’ve written, then go to and may God have mercy upon your soul.


2 Responses to “It all starts here: a disclaimer”

  1. andy dad said

    Dear TC

    This week’s BMJ has an interesting ‘special report’ reviewing the Lancet’s publication in 2005 of a paper on cot deaths. Fundamentally they are saying the Lancet shouldn’t have published it.


  2. andy dad said

    Summary points
    An analysis of sudden infant deaths suggested that almost 90% of second deaths in the same family are natural
    Classification of deaths in the study was changed after the death of one of the senior authors
    Deaths of indeterminate cause were counted as natural
    The study was used as evidence in murder appeals

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