Interesting References Thus Far

October 4, 2006

“Although the nature of the distinction between withholding and withdrawing seems clear enough initially, cases that obscure it abound… Many therapies in medicine require repeated applications of an intervention. Does failing to continue to reapply count as “stopping” (the series of treatments) or “not starting” (the next element in the series)? Even when a clear distinction can be made between withdrawing and withholding, insofar as the distinction is merely an instance of the acting-omitting distinction it lacks moral significance.” Source Book in Bioethics (ed. Albert R Jonsen, Robert M Veatch, LeRoy Walters)Georgetown University Press 1998 p173

The New Elites – George Walden (2000)

Autonomy and Trust in Bioethics – Onora O’Neill (errr, really should have got date) – particularly chapter 8, Bioethics and the Media

 MMR and Autism – Michael Fitzpatrick (see also 2003 article on

 Christians, 1995

Starck, 2001

Kieran, 1997

Frost, 2001

Keeble, 2001

Tobjorn Tannsjo, Understanding Ethics: An Introduction to Moral Theory, Edinburgh University Press 2002

‘As Dan Klein wisely points out, “That there is twilight does not destroy the distinction between night and day. Conditions might be ambiguous at 6:30 in the evening, but at 12 noon it unambiguously is day and at 12 midnight unambiguously night.”‘ Daniel B Klein, Mere Libertarianism: Blending Hayek and Rothbard, Reason Papers: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Normative Studies March 2001, p12


And a PubMed search for MMR – autism articles in the Lancet, BMJ, Journal of the American Medical Association, and New England Journal of Medicine:


On climate change:


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